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  • Ron Lilek

Staying Positive is Essential!

Never get discouraged. For salesperson, discouragement is surrender. You absolutely must realize that even the best sales people do not win 100% of the time. In software and technology, sometimes you lose because the competition has some functionality that your product cannot offer; sometimes you can't meet their price. It's not your fault. That's life. Do all you can do and move on.

As they say in Sandler Sales Training "Some do, some don't; some will, some won't. Who's next?"

But don't forget the "do all you can do" part. Don't just give in. Fight! Enlist the help of your colleagues, manager, senior management (but don't go over anyone's head.) Think creatively. Make as many contacts as you can with the target company, but stay true to the contact who agrees to champion your product.

Also, it's your job to make sure your pre-sales team knows the situation and the environment should they be called on to do a technical or custom demo. Don't count on them to do a great job if you don't properly prepare them. In short, don't count on anyone to do your work for you.

As the sales person, you own the deal. If it closes, you will get the glory; likewise, you will be judged on your results. Not always fair, but I've never met a sales person who turned down a "bluebird", so don't complain when you get a "dog".

Sales isn't easy, but success in sales gives the salesperson the closest he or she will ever get to superstardom. So don't get down when things don't go your way. Get determined!

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